Uruguay offers the ultimate lifestyle opportunity

Uruguay offers the ultimate lifestyle opportunity… it’s all about getting exactly what you want out of life, without sacrificing a thing…

This little country is safe, the government is super stable, the infrastructure is top notch, and you can easily qualify for a private health care plan – despite your age or pre-existing conditions.

A world-class European-style city with fascinating Old World architecture… banking privacy and second passport options… rolling dunes of golden sand and clear, blue ocean waters… antique cars, welcoming locals, farmland, vineyards, excellent wine… and much, much more…

Put Uruguay on your short list now or you may regret it later. Uruguay has so much going for it. Life is simpler there…and more polite. People smile as they go about their work.

And as one expat shares with us, in Uruguay, «everything works… electricity never goes off and everything is organized, including the town hall. It’s a comfortable place to take a vacation and a comfortable place to live… everything is here.»

In fact, not a single expat we met in Uruguay ever wants to live anywhere else. And that’s remarkable when you think about it.

As another expat said, «I’ve lived all over the world, but this is it. I found what I’m looking for in Uruguay and I’m never leaving.»

Uruguay is fun, friendly, laid-back, and easy… with, arguably, South America’s best beaches…and best food, I might add. The government doesn’t allow hormones and chemicals – everything is fresh and natural in Uruguay.

And while Uruguay may not be the least-expensive place in the world to live, it is very affordable…

The truth is, if you own your own home or apartment and don’t have car-related costs, you can live comfortably in Montevideo (one of the world’s loveliest cities) on $2,000 a month. One expat couple, living in Montevideo’s upscale Pocitos neighborhood, say they spend $3,000 to $4,000 a month, and don’t deny themselves anything.

(By the way, you won’t need a car in Uruguay – the public transit system is safe, reliable, and inexpensive – cross-country buses even offer free WIFI!)

Just take a look. You’ve got nothing to lose… and a whole new, better life in Uruguay to gain.

Jackie Flynn
Publisher, International Living


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